September 19, 2021

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Romantic Hotel Reviews in Poltava

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Also what I like most about Poltava, as a young man, is the Poltava woman who is, perhaps, the most beautiful woman in the world with long blonde hair, bright smile and hot forms. However, for me as a foreigner, it is a real challenge to book a hotel room because I have found very little information about Poltava hotels on the internet and most of them don’t speak English.

I also found some travel agents that offer hotel reservation service but I am quite confused about 100% prepayment for hotel reservation because Ukraine is a foreign country for me and I am afraid of losing my money because of many fraud cases going on at that time. to time on the internet with all those fake companies.

However, I ended up booking a good hotel and spent a wonderful time in Poltava! Now I will try to tell you about all the pros and cons of hotel reservations!

First, I would like to start with a discussion of what better option to choose to book a hotel room in Poltava: direct or through a travel agent? This is a very contradictory question because in the case of an agent you have to give a full deposit for the reservation. Usually you can pay via Visa, MasterCard online or via PayPal which is very convenient.

And if you book your hotel directly from the hotel, you can pay at check-in or simply by transfer to their bank account. PayPal as well as Visa/Mastercard are not accepted, just bank transfers which is very time consuming and inconvenient as you have to hide dollars/euro to hryvyas because the hotel only accepts hryvnyas (national currency of Ukraine).

You should also note that all hotels in Poltava guarantee 100% hotel room booking only in case of 100% prepayment which means if they have a client that complies with the prepayment terms they will give their preference to him and when you finally come to Poltava you may find that you do not have a room currently available or available but from the superior category which is much more expensive.

When I checked the matter I found some posts about a guy who booked a hotel room directly from the hotel when he spoke bad Russian which was enough for a reservation but when he came to Poltava he didn’t find a reservation for him and had to stay in a deluxe suite which was currently it’s only available for 3 days until the standard room is available again, which is double the price for it! Therefore, in this case I would personally recommend you to use a travel agent and make sure that this agent is a local agency because I have a lot of problems with agents who are in cities other than hotels.

Another issue is which hotel to choose when traveling to Poltava. To start with, there are two main hotels in Poltava which are both very good and both have 4 stars. Its name is hotel Palazzo and hotel Gallery.

Both are centrally located, both have very comfortable and modern rooms. The starting price for their rooms starts from $70, therefore, if your budget is enough for these hotels, I would recommend you to book one of them as they are really the best in Poltava! Another category of Poltava hotels consists of small private hotels which are generally very good and worth every penny! These are the following hotels: ‘Gold’ hotel, ‘Tourist’ hotel, ‘Yavir’ hotel.

I personally have stayed at the Gold hotel and I must say that I really enjoyed staying there: large room, luxurious leather furniture, air conditioning, king bed, convenient location (garden zone) and all this for US$50 per night. night! The big advantage of this hotel is that you pay for the room but not for multiple people, therefore, you can occupy 2 or 3 of them and the price will be the same!

If you are a budget traveler I would recommend you to take Yavir hotel as you can rent a good room per 1 person for only $27 per night! This is, perhaps, the best price/quality ratio hotel in Poltava!

And the last question is how to book a hotel in Poltava. I have checked more than 10 travel agencies that offer hotel reservations and finally gave my preference to the ‘Welcome to Poltava’ travel agency.

First, it’s a local agency which means you won’t have any problems in case of force majeure; secondly, their rates are the best compared to other travel agencies; thirdly, I’ve found them very helpful as they showed me interesting places in Poltava, provided lots of valuable tips and even introduced some local girls with whom (Lena) I still have romance!

Also these guys picked me up at Kiev Borispol Airport and transferred me with all my luggage to Poltava!

So if you decide to travel to Poltava, my recommendation is ‘Welcome to Poltava’ Travel Agency