October 24, 2021

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Discount Travel Can Actually Help You Save Bundles

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Discount Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel even though it’s one of the expensive ways of recreation for most of us? However, the cost of travel should not be a reason to stop you from enjoying or bringing happiness to yourself as long as you are an expert in discount travel. Since airline tickets are the most expensive aspect of travel, your ability to search or find discounted airline ticket options is very useful.

Discount travel packages are one of the best ways to save your money on trips to the most popular destinations. A travel agent can help you find a travel package that fits your pocket. They will help you save money on trips to popular destinations. They have lots of plans and will introduce you to some of the options in front of you.

Airfare prices are one of those things that fluctuate a lot and are completely dependent on many factors like seasons, routes, etc. Regardless of the length of the route, domestic flights are always cheaper than international flights because the airline taxes are much less, and these routes mostly bring in more travelers because of which airlines can afford these discounted airline tickets.

If you want to take advantage of this discount, you can split your international flight journey into two flights. It’s definitely cheaper despite the slight inconvenience. When looking for discounted travel tickets, look for a major hub that is as close as possible. Another popular way to travel on discount flights is to search for charter flights.

A standard airline always has a defined route and a defined schedule between any two cities regardless of the number of passengers traveling. So standard airlines always charge higher fees to maintain a scheduled route despite the fact the plane is half full. Also, charter companies charter the entire plane of a particular airline for a specific date and time, and therefore receive a substantial discount, which on the other hand is passed on to the passenger.

In addition, ticket prices for certain flights also become cheaper as the departure time is getting closer. However, charter flights are often quite limiting, namely the risk of flight cancellations by these charter companies is very high if a number of tickets are not sold. Also, since there are not many charter flights for some trips, the chances of you being diverted to another flight are pretty slim.

You may get funds immediately or you may also wait a day or two for another charter flight. Well, the most important thing about discount travel is to explore and explore as many options as possible. Airfare is cheaper if you are really flexible and ready to buy your discount airfare on very short notice too.

Get the Most Out of Your Travel Discount

There are many reasons why companies offer reduced, or discounted travel deals, from flights, to packages that include multiple components, all included in one price.

One of the main reasons for travel deals is unsold places. Competition may also play a role in further declines in list prices.

Before giving you a whole list of tips for getting the best travel deals and discounts, I want to show you a very simple but brilliant technique that you can use pretty much in most places and for most products and services.

I’ve used this technique all over the place and it works so well it’s almost unbelievable. But it’s so simple that you can ignore it without even trying. I want you to be mentally prepared and willing to give it a try, so here it is.

To get discounts or bargains in most places, even in high-end boutiques or high-end stores, all you need to do is: “ASK”. Yes, just “ask”. But I also want you to remember, as they say, “…not what you say, but how you say it…” is very important.

So, to get a discount, you need to keep the intention to ‘buy’ to yourself until you are ready to make a payment. You should always appear as if you’re not convinced yet and that if the salesperson doesn’t “do better” “he’ll lose” the deal. But you also have to appear quite interested or the salesperson will take you seriously and therefore won’t try to sweeten the deal for you.

Okay, so how do you do all of the above? It’s easy and this is how I’ve done it for travel deals up to buying just 2 shirts in an upmarket men’s boutique – yes for only 2 shirts:

* I get information about various options (be it travel deals or shirts).

* I decide what I want but will only – and this is a very important part – tell the sales staff about some of what I want. So I might show interest in just one shirt or vacation for 2 and not 4.

* I asked all my questions and indicated that was what I wanted (so the seller knew he was close to having a sale) but…

* I indicated that I am not satisfied with the price. For example I may have seen something similar cheaper elsewhere. Or that I’m ready to go shopping (all sellers know, if a customer leaves they usually won’t come back). Or that I have the money (you’ll see why later) but don’t plan on spending that much.

* I let the sales staff try to ‘sell me an IDE’ that it’s okay to buy the product. Sometimes, they offer some free products (such as a pair of socks or tickets to a gallery or holiday show). Then I ‘asked’ for a discount but explained that I would definitely buy if they gave me a discount. This is how I ‘ask’…

* “Look, I’ll definitely take it for $X”. The seller then said “… so you want a $Y discount?!”. They may tell you that they don’t usually offer off-season discounts, etc. If they’re so sure not to offer a discount I then say “okay, I’ll take 2 shirts… this one and… that one, only if you give me them in $Z for both…”.

* At this stage, the seller may even say that he or she does not have the authority to offer the discount. No problem, I asked them to talk to their boss. I’ve done this many times and got this: 90% of the time bosses agree to a discount. Of the remaining 10% at least half the time, the boss offered me a counter discount which wasn’t as good as I asked for but still pretty good.

Do you want to know what kind of discount I get? Well, for two shirts for $62 I got $22 off. That’s about 35%! On a travel package worth around $4,300 I got a discount of about $600 but wait… I also got an upgrade from a deluxe room to a business suite in the same 5 star hotel. The suite is worth $800 per night and the deluxe room is worth $250 per night!

I should have explained the details above at length but all I did was indicate that I ‘Would’ buy at a discount. They knew all they had to do was one thing: give me a discount, so they did. I made it, as they say, “brainless” for them.

In short just “ask” but (a) be realistic (let them make a small profit, don’t ask for 80% off) and (b) have some flexibility as a backup plan (be prepared to tell them you’ll buy more, for example 2 shirts or vacations for 4. Hey, even salespeople like to think they’ve got concessions from you… it’s not a one-way street).

This technique works for almost anything but it also works great for travel deals too. So let’s get back to more tips specifically for travel deals.

Travel bargains, discounts and deals are all around you as we all travel regularly and repeatedly for leisure as well as for business and of course the travel industry competes for our dollars. However, some research and being aware of travel deals can mean even bigger savings. Here’s how to find out and get the best travel deals:

* Booking as early as possible usually gets you some travel discounts.

* If you purchase more than one ticket, further travel discounts are possible.

* Be flexible. Sometimes weekend flights can be cheaper than weekdays (less business travelers).

* Flights departing tonight may be cheaper.

* Depending on your schedule, consider indirect flights, which take longer, but may be cheaper, compared to direct flights.

* Traveling outside of peak hours, such as school holidays and public holidays may be more crowded.

*Typically, vacation packages are cheaper than buying components separately.

* Compare prices online, by phone, or visit individual travel agencies on the highway.

* Since all airlines are overbooked, consider taking connecting flights which are usually accompanied by sweeteners from the airline in the form of further travel discounts, and travel vouchers.

* It is also possible to travel in a ‘standby’ state, but that means you will be summoned with little notice

* If you are lucky, it is possible to travel as a ‘courier’. Some companies will pay for, or subsidize your airfare in exchange for carrying important packages and letters.

* Purchase the travel insurance that best suits your circumstances. In a pinch it will save you a lot of money.

The more time and effort you put in, the better travel deals you will get. In many cases, the savings can be substantial. So much so that you might be able to add an extra day to your stay. Attractive travel deals.