September 19, 2021

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Bad News Travels Fast When It’s About Bad Customer Service

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Bad News Travels Fast

Business owners and operators all have the opportunity to offer a much better service, but it requires resources such as time and energy plus a real commitment that must start at the top and involve everyone in the business. There’s no better way to build a profitable business than by being fully committed to offering the best customer experience.

High-level customer service doesn’t cost a lot of money and certainly doesn’t take too much time, but they do require a strong belief in the value of customer service and how it is a major contributor to future success and profits. .

We are all consumers and customers and when we are in the business of providing customer service, we cannot help ourselves. We always assess the service level of every business we deal with, whether as a customer or a supplier. It was refreshing to go into business and be surprised at the level of customer service we encountered. Over the years, we have become accustomed to receiving a less than average level of service and when we find a business that excels in this area, we can’t help but notice it.

It is clear that businesses that provide a high level of customer service have many loyal customers. Businesses grow through word of mouth and their customers stay loyal through the good times and the bad. It is not surprising that these businesses survived the recession and economic downturn while their competitors, which did not provide any services, disappeared.

If you want to start a lively conversation, sit down with a few friends and complain about a business giving you poor customer service. Before you know it, someone has topped your story and recounted a worse experience. Now sit back and listen and watch the conversation enter a spiral of complaints and horror stories about businesses that shouldn’t last.

Because we are consumers, we use word of mouth marketing in reverse. Instead of telling people how well businesses treat their customers, we instinctively take the negative path and ensure that the maximum number of people hear about examples of poor customer service.

We did not hesitate to name the business, explain where it is, how to avoid it and what has been done to us. We create bad advertising for this business and sincerely advise everyone we know against it. These costs to businesses cannot be calculated easily but are several times the cost of their marketing budget.

These negative experiences cause us to adopt different opinions. First of all, we become cynical about advertising and advertising messages. Second, we tend to trust friends and family about products and services. Third, we will not buy anything without a recommendation from someone we trust.